Laptop buying guide

Everything you need to know to find the right laptop.

In this guide we look at the most important things to consider before buying a new laptop, along with all the information you need to make sure your new laptop does exactly what you need it to do.

Operating system

Operating system is the most important piece of software that runs on a computer. A laptop’s operating system determines the way interface looks, how it works, and the types of software you can use. There are three main operating systems, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Windows is the most popular and widely used of the three main operating systems, so if you’ve used a PC before, chances are it was an Windows operating system.

Windows operating systems  has a familiar look and feel, with innovations in security, personalisation and productivity. It could be powerful yet easy to use, with all your files and important documents within easy access. If you’re looking for a new computer for university, gaming or creative computing, Windows is a great place to start.

  • Windows works with all your devices: Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, 2 in 1 or PC, Windows works the same way. Navigation and finding files is simple, regardless of what device you’re using.
  • Windows is the best gamer’s choice: Windows has the most games available and is the only real choice for a gaming PC.
  • If you’ve never used a PC before, it can take a while to get used to with the layout and navigation.
  • One major disadvantage of windows is that  many times your device need protection against viruses, malware and phishing attacks.


OS X is an OS exclusive to Apple computers. It features a transparent desktop layout that’s focused on ease-of-use and stability. If you’re new to computing or prefer simple navigation, OS X may be a good selection .

Works with all of your Apple devices: OS X is meant to figure flawlessly with other Apple devices, so if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad transferring files, contacts and apps between them is straightforward . They share an identical layout too, so you’ll be far more reception and find navigation easier.
Ideal for design: a number of the foremost popular design software, like Photoshop and InDesign, is optimised for OS X and may offer you improved stability and performance.
Problem with OS X is that some popular software and accessories aren’t compatible with it, so if you would like to use a selected piece of software or accessory, you’ll got to find an alternate .

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is the newest addition out of all three and it is a web-focused operating system that’s designed to get you to your online content as quickly and as easily as possible.

All unnecessary things have been removed, making it ideal for people that want a simple way to get online.

  • Chrome OS makes it easier to get online and have easy access to your online documents  making it ideal for web-based computing
  • Google Play: Chrome OS is the first operating system to give you access to over 1 million apps – Google Play is the same app store used by Android smartphones and tablets
  •  The down side is Most PC software isn’t compatible with Chrome OS, so it isn’t the best choice for anything other than web-based computing

Types of laptops

There are different types of laptops to suit different people and uses – have a look at the varieties below to see which one suits you best.

Windows laptops

Windows laptops are most widely used laptops and they have a huge variety of different specifications. 


MacBook is a great choice if  are looking to spend a few extra bucks. It makes web browsing a better experience as it gives you more protection against all those  viruses and pop up.  If you’re looking for a laptop with distinctive styling and enough power to run demanding software quickly and easily, a MacBook is ideal.

Gaming laptops

Gaming laptops are focused on performance. They feature the powerful processors and dedicated graphics cards needed to run today’s most demanding games. 


Chromebooks are designed to get you online as easily as possible. They feature the stripped-back Chrome OS operating system that makes navigation simple, making them an excellent choice if your daily computing is mainly web-based. These laptops give you  access to Google Play (the same app store used by Android phones), so you have access to over a million apps along with music, films, and books.

Now, we’re getting a bit technical and try to give you an idea of what goes indie a computer and how they function.


The processor is the brain of your laptop. Whenever you type something on your keyboard, move your mouse, open a program, or load a file the processor makes it happen. 

How many cores do I need?

Generally speaking, Most of the laptops these days have at least a dual-core processor. This allows it to handle several things at one time so you can move quickly between different windows, with more software’s and tabs running at once. Quad-core processors are very good for running demanding software quickly, such as photo editing and music production programs. There are 4 core, 6 core,  8 core even stronger processors are available these days in the market.










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