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Automatic Water Pump controller will START the-water-pump as soon as the water level falls below the predetermined level and it will SWITCH OFF the-water- pump as soon as the tank is full. Automatic Water Pump controller ensures no overflows or dry running of pump there by saves electricity and water. This device will indicate overhead_water_status, reservoir_status and Pump_status by its Two LEDs (Green, Yalow). also the device run on two mode : 1 = Quick-mode or setup-mode and 2= delay-mode or Normal mode.
Quick-mode run when it is power-up or any switch are pressed or pump are running. Quick-mode stay 20minuts. After that time it run on delay-mode. In quick-mode the device check the water level after 20 seconds delay, Where in Normal-mode it check water level in 90 seconds delay.

1. Applicable for home/ office/ industry and more.
2. Single phase 220v AC. 2200watt max load.
3. Size :17cm X 12cm X 4cm, 400gram.
4. Internal voltage : 5vDC, 12vDC and 220vAC
5. Water sensor Voltage : 5v.
6. ON/OFF switch for manual control.
7. Internal 30A Relay.
8. Control by atmega8 Micro-controller.

features and advantages:
9. Fully automatic and Easy installation.
10. Dual Tank monitoring (overhead + reservoir).
11. Ensure no overflows or No dry running.
12. Automatic Run time limit
13. one year guarantee.

Switchs Function:
*ON and OFF (short press)
*Reset EEPROM (Press 5sec x 2time)

Green LED for 3 information:
***OverHead Tank water level (off=0%, on=25%-75%, Blinking=>99%)
***Level check and signal (short flash with 20sec interval)
***Error Status (single flash=25% level Error, dual flash=99% level error)

Yellow LED : for 3 information
*Reservoir Level (Blinking=00%)
*Level check and signal (short flash with 20sec interval)
*Pump status (ON=Pump On, off=pump off)

ERROR: Pump will turn off if any error are found (Err 25% or err 99%)

EEPROM: Every the device saves the last Run time information into its EEPROM memory. There are two information, 25% reach time and 99% reach time, This information are used to protect Over flow and dry-run during sensor cable are damaged or disconnected.

After Reset EEPROM :
Max run time is 254 minutes for 25% level
Max run time is 508 minutes for 99% level.


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