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Walton Refrigerator is the Best Refrigerator brand in Bangladesh manufacturing different types of the refrigerator that aids you. Latest Nano technology installed in our refrigerators which enhances the performance, making it the most trusted and long-lasting food preserving solution for the user. The new stylish look elevates the class of your kitchen to a whole new level. Nothing beats the combination of the latest Nano technology with stylish design upgrading your kitchen outlook 

Inverter Technology 

The inverter technology of Walton has been a superhero for many family’s wallets. This technology has saved a lot of electricity bills for families. The inverter technology not only does save bills but also gives the refrigerators a high performing capability as well. So you are getting the most ideal refrigerator which gives the best performance and also saves your electricity bill every month. 


The NANO technology is there to save you food from the harmful effects of diseasing causing bacteria. The cell of the disease-causing bacteria has cell membranes and nucleus. The cell membrane of these bacteria has a negative ion property. The NANO SILVER has a positive ion property by nature. Whenever the cell membrane of the bacteria gets in touch with the NANO SILVER, the cell membrane is broken down thanks to the silver particle. This causes the bacteria to die. This is how the food is kept safe inside the fridge and stays fresh for a long time. There is no risk of any sort of bacterial contamination. 

Refrigerators are a crucial part of the kitchen for the people in Bangladesh and other countries as well. It is very important that the fridge has long-lasting features and technology in it that won’t put the user into any sort of trouble. Also, there are different types of a refrigerator that the user can choose from according to their requirements. Walton Refrigerator presents to you with their new latest Nano technology , Direct Cool Refrigerator. Experience the absolute freshness of Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator equipped with 100% Copper condenser that helps you in maintaining the quality of the preserved food. 

Here are some details about the Direct Cool Refrigerator which would help you buy the product 

What is Direct Cool Refrigerator? 

Direct Cool Refrigerator is a fridge that produces the cooling effect by the natural process of convection. This process happens from the cooled surfaces in the insulated compartment that is being cooled. Whenever the water vapor comes in contact with the cooled surface and cools down. This kind of refrigerator cools down the food inside naturally with the help of an external source. Therefore you don’t have to worry about controlling the coldness of the fridge. Therefore when you want to defrost a food you can just manually click the switch for defrosting. This piece of technology comes in fridges with a single door. 

Features of Direct Cool Refrigerators 

As refrigerators are a crucial part of kitchen life, it is very much important for people to know which fridge to buy and for what. Before purchasing, one needs to look around and choose first. While choosing they look for unique and best features of a fridge before they make their final decision on which food preserving technology is the best suited. Here are some features of Walton’s Refrigerator which makes it the best Refrigerator Brand in Bangladesh. 

  • The cold air is circulated because of the natural process of convection. No external help is needed in the cooling process.
  • The best method to save money and also get the maximum cooling effect. Two of the crucial factors or features are combined here making it the ideal icebox.
  • Available in single doors for those who have a small plan for it.
  • It has a wide capacity range of 50-250 liters. This allows the user to choose the one according to their need and capacity.
  • Foods remain fresh.
  • You can manually remove ice or defrost with the defrosting button installed in it.
  • The external part of the fridge doesn’t get hot. This is something that most users look for as some think getting hot means the fridge is broken or not functioning properly.
  • Best for families who are small. The range of capacity and the cooling system is made best for small families.

Advantages of Direct Cool Fridge 

There are advantages that you will get with this type of refrigerator. And here are some of the advantages that grabs the attention of the customers while buying this appliance. 

  • Energy-saving- This food preserving home appliance will save energy more than you think of. In a world of an energy crisis, this kind of appliances comes in handy.
  • Cost-Effective- A real wallet saver for families who has a tight budget. This refrigerator comes in great help for those who look to save money and also get the best food cooling and preserving technology.
  • Bacteria Proof- Thanks to the NANO Silver technology, Bacteria will no longer be a problem to worry about. You don’t have to worry about any sort of contamination that will harm your
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