• September 5, 2020 12:35 pm
  • Dhaka
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Home Security Systemis use to Create an alarmif someone isentering into yourhome.
This security systemis divided into twopart. Both part arewireless.

1. Sensor Unit:
This part is consistwith “PIR Sensor”which detectpresence of human,
wirelesstransmitter whichsend the alarmsignal to the “Alarmunit”,
And one 9vBattery.

2. Alarm Unit:
This is a wirelessreceiver. It includea siren. Whensomeone come near tothe “sensor unit”then this alarm unitwill crate an alarmor siren.

Wireless Range : 50feet in openspacebrAlarm Sound level:70 dB brSensor Range : 10 to15 feetbrsensor angle:140×360 degree.brStandby time : 25daysbrTx battery : 9Vnon- rechargeablebrRx battery : 2 x1.5v AAA


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